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Cheato Spoofer


Quantity Discount (%) - resellers can take advantage of this Price
1 $99.99
2 15 % $84.99
3 - 4 20 % $79.99
5 - 9 30 % $69.99
10+ 40 % $59.99
Loyal Customers of Cheato Spoofer
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Are you repeatedly getting banned from games like Fortnite, Warzone, Rust or Valorant even after creating new accounts?

Well Cheato Spoofer is for you!

What is Cheato Spoofer?

Cheato Spoofer is the top rated and used hardware identifier spoofing tool (also known as HWID spoofer, HWID unban tool, hardware spoof tool, etc.). If you are banned on a video game that tracks software or hardware identifiers, or require HWID spoofing or tracking file/registry cleaning for other uses, this is the perfect software for you!

How long has Cheato Spoofer been around for?

Since November 2020. As of September 2023, Cheato Spoofer is still being constantly updated by Ausbloke and staying undetected.

How does Cheato Spoofer compare to other HWID spoofers?

1. Our developer Ausbloke is always on top of updates and makes sure Cheato Spoofer is updated and undetected.
2. We have a great support system. If you need any help, just contact us via the chat widget in the bottom right corner of this page.
3. Our codebase has been worked on for a few years from when Ausbloke first started playing around with spoofers.
4. We actively test other spoofers and benchmark Cheato Spoofer’s effectiveness against them to highlight our weakpoints, which if identified are quickly worked on and rectified.
5. You could argue that free spoofers do the job right? Well if they even work in the first place, they usually are not effective for long and are quickly detected – meaning you have just lost your progress on the game you just got rebanned on as the spoofer got detected. Also, we have tested many free spoofers over the years and have identified bundled malware such as adware, RATs, keyloggers, miners, tokenloggers and stealers. Not to mention some of these people have shady intentions and aim to make a quick buck, while Cheato is in for the long-haul and we plan to dominate our competition for many years to come.
6. Many spoofers have come and gone, some have been exposed as scams while we have held our reputation since we began.
7. It would be a mistake for Ausbloke to exit scam – take the money and run off – he knows if he keeps Cheato Spoofer updated, customers will keep coming back (yes, we have plenty of repeat customers) and it will keep a decent stream of income.
8. We do not force you to use our spoofer, if you want to use another brand’s you are free to do so without potential harassment such as blackmailing and doxxing that we have seen other brands do to their customers.


• Optimised, well-written and protected codebase on both server and client.
• As a temporary spoofer, spoofing is undone every time you restart PC. This is good for people using HWID locked programs.
• Smart hardware ID (HWID) spoofing: disk drive information; network interface card (NIC) information [+ MAC address(es)]; motherboard and SMBIOS information; GPU information; peripheral information including monitor; UEFI variables.
• Registry spoofing via smart algorithms.
• Tracking file cleaning – this should work fine with most games. We have reversed large brands’ spoofers/cleaners and benchmarked ours against theirs.
• Military-grade loader protection. It is extremely difficult to reverse-engineer Cheato Spoofer by the average or experienced skid. This also keeps it updated and undetected for as long as possible.

Is this legal? Will I be banned for using it?

In our own opinion, Cheato Spoofer should be completely legal as it does not interfere with other programs such as video games, or anti-cheats. It simply interacts with the Windows kernel, registry, and system & hardware drivers to hide or modify information that is being tracked by privacy-invasive software (spyware). It does not assist or interact with your gameplay in any way – the spoofer is NOT a cheat and is not intended to be used as a tool by cheaters. It is not our responsibility in how our customers use Cheato Spoofer – if they are using it alongside cheats, that is not our problem.
For example:
• Riot Games ToS, section 7.1 – number 10 on the list: “Using any unauthorized third party programs, including mods, hacks, cheats, scripts, bots, trainers and automation programs that interact with the Riot Services in any way, for any purpose, including any unauthorized third party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication relating to the Riot Services and any unauthorized third party programs that collect info about the Riot Services by reading areas of memory used by the Riot Services to store info;” Cheato Spoofer does not fit the definition for any of these as it does not interact with any Riot Services in any way.
• Fortnite EULA, section 2: “ (e) remove, disable, circumvent, or modify any proprietary notice or label or security technology included in it; (i) behave in a manner which is detrimental to the enjoyment of the Software by other users as intended by Epic, in Epic’s sole judgment, including but not limited to the following – harassment, use of abusive or offensive language, game abandonment, game sabotage, spamming, social engineering, scamming, running or using methods which are not authorized by Epic and which interfere with the outcome and/or the course of the Software (including Cheats, bots, scripts, or mods not expressly authorized by Epic) by giving you and/or another user an advantage over other players who do not use such methods, or making or otherwise contributing to such unauthorized software.” again Cheato Spoofer does not act in these behaviours – neither is it a circumvention or modification tool as it does not interfere with Epic Games’ software or services.
This does not stop companies from banning you for using our spoofer though – they can pretty much act as they wish, we’ve seen anti-cheats falsely ban people just for having suspiciously titled programs or even browser tabs open.
To Product Developers/Law Enforcement/Anti-Cheat Companies/Brand Representatives: We take no responsibility for the user’s actions while they are utilising the products that we provide nor are we associated with them in any way besides providing access to said products. We are also not breaking your EULA, ToS, etc. in any form as we have not agreed to it in the first place nor hold any accounts, licenses, etc. on your platforms. Any fraudulent DMCA takedown requests will be ignored.

System Requirements

• All modern Windows 10 & 11 64-bit versions. We are not like other spoofers which rely on outdated driver manual mappers which most are patched on Windows 11 22H2+.
• Officially supporting custom Windows 10/11 builds from GHOST SPECTRE. His Windows 11 ISOs can be installed without TPM 2.0 or Secure Boot.
• No Windows reinstall required, no uninstalling tracking software, unless otherwise required to.
• AMD or Intel x86-64 (64-bit) CPU.
• AMD, Intel or NVIDIA GPU.
• 8GB RAM (recommended 16GB).
• 150 MB free space on disk drive (preferably SSD).
• Windows Defender disabled, along with other anti-malware solutions also disabled.
• Secure Boot and TPM disabled.
• Fast Boot disabled.
• Latest Visual C++ runtimes and .NET Framework installed.
• Software such as cracking, patching, reversal, debugging, logging, etc. tools closed and disabled (i.e. services stopped).
• Not compatible with virtual machines, emulators or sandboxes (including online file scanners).
• PC, customer account, license, etc. shall not be blacklisted from Cheato.
• All modern motherboards are supported. This is because we are not retards that simply use AMI and InsydeH2O flashing and modification utilities.

Compatibility List

The below list means that you can be spoofed via Cheato Spoofer and use the software below without interference.

BattlEye – Compatible
Byfron/Hyperion – Compatible, if you are crashing please use included SID modifier to change SID
Easy Anti-Cheat – Compatible
FACEIT – Risky
FiveM – Not currently compatible
Ricochet – Compatible
Riot Vanguard – Risky, we are currently testing
Valve Anti-Cheat – Compatible

Emulators are incompatible (like QEMU)
Sandboxes (including online analysis tools) are incompatible (for example Sandboxie, Hybrid Analysis, Any.Run)
Virtual Machines are incompatible (such as VMWare, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, KVM, and Xen)
Reversal, debugging, cracking and analysis tools are incompatible

This list is current as of:

19 September 2023

Additional Information

The prices are above, and dependent on license expiry length. This is cheaper than most of our competition, most have not matched our quality.
All transactions are safe, conducted under a secure enforced HTTPS (TLS 1.2/1.3) connection with a strong firewall system used by Cheato. Card payments are 3D Secure and liability shift enforced to prevent fraudulent purchases. We cannot see your credit or debit card information, it is only securely sent and processed by our payment processor Stripe.
You have automatically agreed to our Terms of Service upon registration of an account on our website, or purchasing any product from our website or resellers of our products.

16 reviews for Cheato Spoofer

  1. Jack Williams (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer is hands down the best HWID spoofer out there. I’ve used it for a couple of months now and I haven’t had any issues with bans. Highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for a reliable spoofer.

  2. Cheato’s slave (verified owner)

    #1 gigachad HWID spoofer 🙂

  3. Messiah lovingood (verified owner)

    Best spoofer out I clicked 1 button and I was spoofed and ready to play

  4. Jake Thompson (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer has been a game-changer for me. I was banned on Valorant, but after using this spoofer, I was able to play again without getting banned. Highly recommend it to anyone who needs to bypass hardware bans.

  5. callum sharpe (verified owner)


  6. callum sharpe (verified owner)

    this is the best spoofer i have every used with the best prices for the amount of time the keys have. easy and quick one click then i was spoofed ready to play. if there’s a problem with the spoofer it will get fixed within a day or two. if you have a problem then you can contact the developer which response very quick and immediately investigates the problem 10/10 highly recommend

  7. PutinZRussia (verified owner)

    thanks i bypassed hardware ban on rust leaving review becasue good support and owner ausbloke

  8. Dylan Wilson (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer is the best HWID spoofer out there. I’ve tried many other spoofers, but Cheato’s is the most effective and easy to use. It works on most anti-cheats and is constantly updated to stay undetected. I highly recommend it!

  9. Jake Thompson (verified owner)

    I purchased Cheato Spoofer a week ago and I’ve been using it to bypass a HWID ban on Rust. So far, it’s working great and I haven’t been banned again. The support team was also helpful when I had some issues with installation.

  10. Lucas Johnson (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer is the real deal! It has helped me bypass multiple HWID bans and I haven’t been caught yet. If you’re looking for a quality spoofer, you won’t find anything better than this.

  11. Tyler Davis (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer is the real deal. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a try and it worked like a charm. It is easy to use and compatible with most anti-cheats. I highly recommend it to anyone in need of an HWID spoofer

  12. jimmy carter (verified owner)

    cheato spoofer very good no ban 4 me on fortnite and rust lol

  13. Ibrahim Hussein (verified owner)

    Overall 4/5 good and it works however had an issue to begin with where it was frozen but Ausbloke fixed it after a day, gave me extra time to compensate. Wish support was faster but can’t fault Cheato Spoofer.

  14. Aaron Wilson (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer is simply amazing! I used it to bypass my Fortnite ban and it worked flawlessly. The support team was also very helpful and responded quickly to my inquiries. Thank you, Cheato!

  15. Bazalt Ivanovic (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer got me HWID unbanned on Fortnite thanks 🙂

  16. Ethan Johnson (verified owner)

    Cheato Spoofer is a lifesaver! I was banned on Valorant and couldn’t play until I found Cheato Spoofer. It was easy to use and compatible with BattlEye and Valve Anti-Cheat. Highly recommended!

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