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Cheato Spoofer – 1 Month Key


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Are you getting hardware ID banned, also known as soul ban, shadow ban or HWID ban? Well you should try out Cheato Spoofer! You can remove HWID bans on games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, Escape from Tarkov, possibly even Rust or Valorant etc. via our spoofer called Cheato Spoofer! We have competitive prices that are affordable to most people out there.

To Game Developers/Law Enforcement: We take no responsibility for the user’s actions while they are utilizing our software nor are we associated with them in any way besides providing a software that we develop to the end user. We are also not breaking your EULA in any form as we have not agreed to it in the first place, as stated above we take no responsibility for the actions our users take while utilizing the software we provide.


  • Undetected, can be used in conjunction with most public mainstream anticheats, e.g. EasyAntiCheat, BattlEye, Valve Anti-Cheat.
  • May not work 100% on more aggressive ACs like ESET, Faceit.
  • For games with extensive amounts of tracking files, like Fortnite, our spoofer deep cleans, so you will not be detected when using Cheato Spoofer.
  • Hides your normal hardware identifiers when in use, protecting your computer from global game bans (like on EAC games).
  • Spoofing: Serials, registry values and MAC address/network.
  • Cleaning: Disk tracking files, registry traces.
  • Extensive support from our developer.

Supported Software List

  • https://chea.to/status
  • Do not complain that the spoofer isn’t working in conjunction with your chosen software if we haven’t listed it as supported.
  • You will not get a refund/replacement if you bought the spoofer while we weren’t supporting the software such as a digital video game.


  • Windows 10 64-bit, all versions 1607 and above.
  • Tested and working on Windows 11.
  • AMD or Intel CPUs work.
  • AMD or NVIDIA or Intel GPUs work.
  • Secure Boot must be OFF in UEFI.
  • Defender and exploit protections must be OFF.
  • If crashing, run CheatoHelper which is bundled with spoofer, and make everything green.

Terms of Service

    • By purchasing one of the products/packages in this website you have automatically agreed to and are fully agreeing to our Terms of Service.
    • It is located at https://chea.to/terms-of-service/

All orders are delivered instantly to your email address and Cheato account.