We currently accept the following payment methods (you will have the option to select your payment method when placing an order, also credit card also refers to debit cards as well):

  • Credit/Debit Card (via Stripe (using Shoppy Pay checkout +12.5% fee) or SendWyre (using PayDash checkout +5.5% fee)), fees due to fraud prevention measures.
  • PayPal has currently been disabled. We may accept PayPal via a workaround soon.
  • Apple Pay via SendWyre (using PayDash checkout) extra 7.5% fee due to fraud prevention measures.
  • Bitcoin via Cheato Crypto Pay and Sellix Pay.
  • Bitcoin Cash via Sellix Pay.
  • Ethereum via Cheato Crypto Pay and Sellix Pay.
  • Litecoin via Cheato Crypto Pay and Sellix Pay.
  • Other altcoins/shitcoins via Cheato Crypto Pay.
  • More crypto payment options are coming soon via PayDash using BitPay crypto payment processing.


All orders are fulfilled automatically with your license key and loader download available instantly from when the payment is completed.

You only need to provide your email when purchasing, you will be kept anonymous with your payment information only visible to Cheato, Sellix, and the payment processor you use such as Stripe, PayPal or SendWyre (if Lex Pay is used).

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