List of Official/Allowed Cheato Resellers

Please check that the seller you are buying from is listed here, otherwise it is most likely a scam.

Our products/services/packages/etc., even when resold by resellers, are still bound by our Terms of Service

Format: Name – Payment Methods – Store Link – Description

Cheato – Card, crypto – – Owned by Ausbloke/Administrator, official and not reseller, we develop the products and sell straight to you.

Homeless – PayPal – – Official PayPal seller, staff and has access to full auth panel.

Lucid – Card, crypto – – Reseller on Sellix, his TikTok:

VVS – Card, PayPal, crypto – – Reseller on Sellix, accepts PayPal for Fortnite cheat and Spoofer as well. Prices are slightly cheaper here than on official store.

Become a Reseller

Easy money for you, you can make content and make lots of money too, you don’t even have to deal with the worst of customers, or have to work on and update products, maintain servers, etc. But we do.

PM Ausbloke on Discord (join the Discord server first) or on Telegram @Ausbloke.

You shall provide: your store or/and channel link(s), and proof of funds (you are able to resell).

I pretty much take anyone who fulfills basic requirements such as the above, does not scam people, knows basic customer support and how to use panel and products.

Resellers pay 70% of official key cost via auto topup store, though this rate varies depending on amount and volume sold plus other factors. E.g. you sell $500 worth of keys in one day, rate will probably drop to 60% as you are also bringing us money too, it is fair you make more too as you are making our name larger.

I can manually top up your balance if you cannot pay via the auto topup methods.